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    Getting more done

    happens at Hazard Center.

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    Getting more done

    in less time.

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    The latest deals and steals

    from your favorite shops.

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    Check everything off your

    to-do list in one stop.

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    Right around the corner

    from wherever you are.

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    Over 40 restaurants, stores,

    and more in one stop.

Welcome to Hazard Center

To-do Lists Don’t Last Long

At Hazard Center, you get more done in less time. Pull up to your favorite stores and the first thing you notice is plenty of parking. Now even your car is happy. And with a day spa, nail salon, bookstore, movie theater, restaurants, coffee shops and so much more, your day only gets better.

It Started With Roscoe “Pappy” Hazard

Pappy did a lot for San Diego. His construction company helped build the city and pave many of its roads. From cattle ranching to bookkeeping to construction, Pappy did it all. So it’s only fitting a one-stop shopping center would bear his name and stand in the same place Pappy’s old brickyard once stood.

Hazard Center reflects the history of Mission Valley. It’s not by chance that we’ve incorporated red brick into the building design. We’re especially proud to be at the center of Mission Valley and the center of your daily life for all these years, helping you get more done in less time.

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