Get 1 FREE Vitamin injection of your choice

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During the month of November

Get 1 FREE Vitamin injection of your choice

Give us 1 Positive Social Media review, and Get 1 FREE Vitamin injection of your choice

(Choose from B12, Vitamin C or B-Complex)*

To qualify for this offer

Do ONE of the following:

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*Appointment required to receive injection. We will confirm your posting by name or you can show it on your smart phone at the time of your appointment. Free injection is limit 1 per customer, value cannot be substituted or transferred to another service or offer. Optimal vitamin results are observed with repeated injections offered in weekly boosters for total of 8 weeks.

Benefits of Injectable Vitamins:

Unfortunately absorption of oral supplement vitamins is subject to multiple factors including body inflammation, metabolic wastes and toxins, environmental factors and pollutants, resulting in these vitamins not fully absorbed, leaving your body deprived fro essential nutrients leading to declining health and reduced energy.
Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin)
· functioning of the nervous system
· formation of blood cells
· boosts energy and overall metabolic rate
· assists in the burning of stored body fat
· detoxifies the body
· maintains a healthy liver
· helps regulate sleep, mood, appetite and energy
· slows aging

Vitamin B Complex
· helps burn carbs
· accelerate metabolism
· reduces migraine headaches
· increase energy
· repair DNA
· maintains clear skin
· regulates the nervous system

Vitamin C
· superior antioxidant
· protect cells from damage caused by free radicals
· supports a healthy immune system
· promote collagen production for healthier skin
· supports muscles and joints
· supports healthy gums

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