Hazard Center’s Guide to Spring “Cleaning”

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Visit Hazard Center and let us take some Spring-cleaning stress off your shoulders. Not house cleaning – a “clean” start for you! We can help you start off the new season feeling rejuvenated, radiant and fresh:

First things first. Cross “laundry” off your to-do list and stop by Apadana Cleaners. With more than 20 years’ experience, Apadana Cleaners can launder, alter and restore difficult-to-clean items such as wedding gowns, cutwork tablecloths, household linens and beaded garments. Get your shirt ironed by hand, your sweaters blocked, and your day-to-day laundry washed and dried. Phew, talk about getting yourself out of a messy situation.

Notice a few blemishes on your once-beautiful car? Don’t panic! Let So Cal Auto Detail Center hand wash, wax and dry your ride in the most environmentally friendly way possible. With devoted staff who pay attention to detail, your car will be looking better than ever.

Starting fresh doesn’t necessarily mean cleaning your house, cars and clothes! New Image Dental offers teeth whitening, cleaning and other services that will help your pearly whites feel fresh throughout the season. So drop by, get a consultation and spring into action.

Stuart Benjamin and Company Jewelry Designs is committed to giving amazing quality service. With an appraisal, your jewelry will be cared for, cleaned, photographed and printed on high quality paper. Stop by and let your jewelry shine.

Finally, clean up your finances at First Financial Credit Union. With their professional financial support, you’re going to keep your bank account greener this spring.

With the help of Hazard Center, your spring cleaning is going to be easier than ever.

About Hazard Center
Hazard Center is the go-to destination shopping center in the heart of Mission Valley with some of the best dining, specialty shops and services offered in San Diego. Visitors appreciate Hazard Center’s central location and easy accessibility, as well as iconic brands such as Barnes & Noble, UltraStar Cinemas, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill, Joe’s Crab Shack, Lakeshore, and FedEx Office. Its namesake, Roscoe E. Hazard, helped build San Diego and his tremendous loyalty to every project contributed to a better city. Whether it’s girls’ night, date night, office lunch or errands, Hazard Center has something for everyone.


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