Timeless November Specials

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Stretch Mark Removal

 Sublative RF* $65 (Reg. $75)

AND Buy 3 and get 1 FREE

*Up to 10 pulses each

(Number of sessions needed depends on scar size and depth)

Laser Hair Removal

Small Area $35 (Reg. $50)*

Medium Area $75 (Reg. $100)**

AND Buy 3 and get 1 FREE

*Small: upper lip, chin, hands

**Medium: under arms, bikini, buttocks

RF Sublative Resurfacing

  Package of 3 for $630 (Reg. $1200)

*Face or neck

*RF energy promote Collagen

*Removes wrinkles and sagginess

*Reduce scars and lines

*Safe for all skin types

Botox $11/unit*

  AND Buy 50 units or more, get FREE Laser Genesis Spot treatment ($50 value)** 

*Remove frown and forehead lines

*Look less stressed or worried

*Eyebrow lift

*Upper lip lift/aversion

*Masseter jaw relaxation

*Reduce chin puckering 

**Spot= 2×2″ area


Lips or Nasolabial $485 (Reg. $650)*

Cheeks and face lift $585 (Reg. $800)**

 AND Buy any 2 fillers, get FREE 10 units Botox

*Juvederm, Versa or Restylane

**Voluma or Restylane Lyft

(Prices are per one syringe)

Microneedling Facial

Micropen with HA $125 (Reg. $299)

Make it PRP facial $250 (Reg. $599)

PRP hair growth $350 ($799)

  AND Buy any 2, get FREE 10 units Botox 

*Amazing healing effect

*Your own Platelets regenerative factors

*Immediate tightness 

*Collagen stimulation

*Remove scars and lines

*Boost hair growth in scalp

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