‘Tis the Season…for Taxes

Posted By hazardcenter / March 14, 2018 / Blog / Comments are disabled

This year’s tax deadline (April 17) is fast approaching! Fortunately, Hazard Center has plenty of resources available to help make this tax season painless.

Stop by today to speak with an adviser about preparing your taxes…or investing that refund you’re expecting. The experts at Charles Schwab can also tell you about everything from college savings to retirement strategies, and First Financial Credit Union is there for all your banking needs, from checking and savings accounts, to real estate, auto and personal loans.

There are many reasons to get a head start on your tax filing, but here are just a few, courtesy of Charles Schwab CPA Hayden Adams:

1. You may be due a refund…or you may owe the IRS
If you prep your taxes early, you’ll get your money back quicker, or have more time to pay the IRS – a win/win!

2. Deductible IRA contributions
You’ll know how much you can contribute to your IRA, whether that’s deductible and whether a Roth IRA makes sense!

3. Do it for the children
If you’ve added a new addition to your family, you need time to get your child a Social Security number to claim a dependent – even infants!

4. To set the record(s) straight
If you have missing documents or records, you’ll need that extra time to chase them down or correct them!

Still not making sense? Don’t be shy – visit Hazard Center, your one-stop shop for all your financial needs!


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