Your Guide to Safe, Productive Holiday Shopping at Hazard Center!

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Looking for an excuse to leave the house? Well, thank goodness it’s the holidays!

Hazard Center is the ultimate holiday go-to destination for all things festive. With safe and smart shopping, you can find everything you need to make your celebrations a success. From gift cards and stocking stuffers, to fancy jewelry and seamless shipping options, Hazard Center is your one-stop shop to get everything done.

9 a.m.

You’ve just arrived, after finding a great parking spot, right in front of Intermezzo Espresso Café. You see the case of fresh scones, muffins and pastries baked fresh that morning, and stop for a morning pick-me-up before the productive day ahead.

Before you browse, you walk two doors down to Apadana Cleaners. With a Zoom holiday get-together coming up, you drop off your favorite festive shirts to be freshened up. To your surprise, they offer free delivery to your home.

10 a.m.

Next stop: Barnes & Noble Booksellers. You pull out your list: a cookbook for your sister (Try “Modern Comfort Food” – Ina Garten’s latest), a puzzle for your neighbor (we recommend “Dogs with Jobs” – just as cute as it sounds) and a bestseller for your sci-fi-obsessed coworker (How about the long-awaited “Ready Player Two”?). You’re making great time and end up leaving with a couple things for your own stocking, too.

From here, you make your way to Lakeshore Learning Store. From the floor-to-ceiling wall of board games, to the selection of science and building kits and aisles of craft supplies, your nieces and nephews will be creating, playing and learning all through winter break. It’s hard to narrow down, but you pick a chef cooking set, the chess teacher and – they’ll love this one – the fort building kit.

11 a.m.

Checking your list twice, your next destination is Stuart Benjamin and Company Jewelry Designs. You arrive at your personal shopping appointment, available for the safest possible shopping experience. Your eyes dance along each precious stone and bespoke design. No one likes to dress up like your mom does for the holidays. While the holiday parties are postponed, Zoom is not! The diamond earrings you picked out for her will glitter for the upcoming family Zoom Christmas Eve celebration.

Feeling ahead of the game, you zip over to FedEx Office to ship a few packages to your East Coast family. You hear an employee say, “no time like the present to ship a present!” You give a courtesy laugh, but also agree, happy with your stress-free holiday shopping experience so far.

12 p.m.

You make one last stop to Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill for your boss who loves a plate of ribs and an Old-Fashioned. You purchase a $50 gift card, and receive a $10 one for yourself as part of the holiday gift card sale – score!

You’re getting hungry so to wrap up a productive trip, you treat yourself to lunch from BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. With curbside pickup, you’ll be enjoying your lemon thyme chicken while it’s still warm. Also, you threw in a salted caramel Pizookie® because why not, it’s the holidays?!

Make this holiday season special and join Hazard Center in celebrating the spirit of family, friends and warming traditions. From our family to yours, we wish you all a safe and happy holiday!


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