Your Not-So Secret High School Hideaway

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Let’s be honest: high school is rough. Balancing homework, AP classes, SAT and ACT tests, extracurriculars, college apps and the social scene is exhausting. With high school harder than ever, people are in desperate need of an escape from the craziness. No need to add another thing to your “worries” list – here, we provide a complete guide for students in need of a high-school hideaway, complete with food and destressing activities from everyone’s favorite go-to…

Sick of trying to find a quiet space in the library to study? Get work done AND actually enjoy it at Intermezzo Espresso Café. Grab a latte or mocha to boost your energy through all of that flashcard review. Upperclassmen, need a new place to spend your privileged off-campus lunch? Check out the Café for a wide selection of delectable foods, from your classic BLT to a refreshing Mandarin Chicken salad.

The stresses of high school pile up on each other easily, and can lead to unhealthy tension in your body. Unwind with a massage or facial from Massage Envy. Our bodies work hard every day to keep up with our busy lifestyles, and it is our job to check in and tune up.

Ladies and gents, we know you want to look your best for prom night. Stay conscious of your pre-prom bod by keeping in shape at Orangetheory Fitness. This unique gym centers its program around heart rate monitors and PODs to design 60-minute workouts with intervals to get you at 84 percent or higher of your maximum heart rate, ensuring that even when you leave the gym, you’re still burning calories. You won’t get bored with Orangetheory’s exciting workouts.

There’s one thing on a high schooler’s mind throughout the day: food. Feed your cravings with Smashburger. You can choose the classic Smashburger, complete with the secret Smash Sauce, or San Diego’s twist, with fresh avocado, cilantro and chipotle mayo sauce. Their burgers feature 100 percent Angus beef patties, and you can even concoct your own creation with Smashburger’s freshest ingredients.

Need that extra boost to get you through a long night of studying? Yogurtland can fuel your homework-filled evening. Grab a bowl and create your own masterpiece. From the classic Dutch Chocolate to exotic Taro, to the unique flavors of Arctic Vanilla and more seasonal favorites, Yogurtland is the perfect place to hang out with friends when you’re hangry.

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